some medicinal plants and their uses

some medicinal plants and their uses

hey guys this is josh here with trillium: wild edibles. i'm sitting inside of my house and i wanted to bring you guys a video review of the indian herbalogy to north america by alma r. hutchens. this is one of my favorite books on the subject of medicinal wild plants in the first part of this video we're going to go over the good things about this book, and in the second part we're going to go over the bad things about this book. then why i still recommend this book. so without further adieu let's get started. my favorite thing about this book is how comprehensive this book actually is. as you can see here it gives you medicinal parts, the solvents, it gives you the bodily influence,

this book also gives you dosage, it gives you foreign experiences, like russian experience. it also gives you some clinical experiences if those are available. so this book goes into a lot of detail, not very many books on the subject of medicinal wild plants will actually give you the dosages required for each plant. this one does for almost all of them, and it covers various uses, as well. they also cover how to use the plants more specifically in this book. like this one, inner green bark is cathartic, an infusion of it in wine or the expressed juice, in doses from one half fluid ounces to one fluid ounce will purge moderately. and that one they are talking about elderberry.

you can see it goes into a lot of detail about how to use each plant and that's really really important. because a lot of people want that information and they don't know where to get it. this book has that information. another favorite thing about this book to me is the fact that it lists everything in alphabetical order. this makes it really easy to find what plant or plants you may be looking for . yiou don't have to kind of guess and flip around with different flower colors different plant structures etcetera like in some other field guides or other plant books. this organizes them in alphabetical order. and that's just super easy. you can flip to a page and say"oh well, i'm at eucalyptus and i'm looking for dandelion. well that's back here, well now ?i'm at cranes bill. so that's really nice to have that alphabetical

order inside of that book. all of the information inside of that book. another good thing about this book, is that it gives you definitions. and here you'll see definitions for different bodily influences, or different medical terms that they use to explain that actions of various plants. and again even those are in alphabetical order as well. which that's really nice to have. the index of this book is really nice as you may see here it actually lists... as you may see here it actually lists medical issues that you can search for and it also gives the plants as well. so that's something that's really nice to have is that you can go to the back in the index, and you can look for maybe a medical issue you may be having or experiencing. or maybe you know someone

someone who is and you could find a plant or variety of plants that may help you with that. then you could ask your physician or doctor, or homeopathic specialist or herbalist or whatever the case may be. whether or not that would work for you that is also really nice to have this book also gives a really really nice bibliography. along with general and reference publications. there are a lot, as you can see here it starts on page three-nineteen. and it goes until page three fifty two. so that is a lot of reference material.

that is a lot of different books, for you to look up that may help you identify different plants and learn about their different uses. how to use, their dosage, their interactions, etcetera. so that is really handy to have not too many books have that many references or bibliographies contained in the back of them.